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How to participate
Participation is free and open to all, in the purest spirit of Fluxus and Mail-art.It suffices that two or more artists agree in making a creative theme, simultaneously and in different places (west-east) and send us the relevant documentation explaining the title, place, date and time of the action.The themes and the media are free: graphics, photography, performance, video, sound, writing, etc..Kindly avoid racial background themes, pornographic or otherwise offensive.The documentation can be sent to us directly by e-mail or other means to be agreed (DVD, Dropbox, etc.)

The Project
An idea, a contact, the birth of a network. West-East: a new project based on a physical, conceptual and creative simultaneity.
Land-art, web-art, public-art, performances, installations: very different works, created by very different people but resulting from the same idea, “free and elusive”, that has become a sort of connector between the East and the West of the world. Every gesture of West-East (project born out of meeting of Bruno Cassaglia and Maurizio Follin) is made of two artistic actions, carried out simultaneously in two different places: it doesn’t matter if those places are on two different parallels, only the fact that one is nearer to the East and the other is nearer to the West will be highlighted. So East and West, never North and South: the actions are simultaneous, put on the same temporal and spatial plane; they will be never over/under because no place/space/artist/human is inferior or superior to the other.
This is a very strong message, really important in a world, the one that we are living in today, in which it seems that every individual, every society, every country aims to demonstrate their superiority above the others. And it doesn’t matter if it is cultural, economical or numeric superiority: to be above something else or someone else is enough. On the contrary, West-East includes everyone and everything in instants of creativity that ideally, and always on an horizontal plane, connect “different places and dimensions” thanks to gestures that, despite being minimal and ephemeral, turn into a paradigm of unity, contact, dialogue.
Or is it not their material inconsistence, their being above every physicality, the minimal duration of each of them, that makes them so important? Temporary and precarious actions, as writing “West” on a flower’s petal, or shooting a blue thread running from Savona to Belluno (west-east), or inaugurating an exhibition on the exact instant when the other artist (in the East) realizes a virtual installation, prove to be able to create a net of interaction which, in an utopian way, could become universal. And we can only hope that it will really turn into this.
Nicoletta Consentino

Bruno Cassaglia e Maurizio Follin

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